Greg Zlap

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Born in 1971 in Warsaw, Greg Szlapczynski arrive to Paris at the end of the Eighties, a small harmonica in its pocket. With his constant search for new sounds, he quickly improved his art and became an often sought after studio musician.
He is a tunesmith full of curiosity and a talented leader who likes the contact with the public.

He plays and records with the cream of the French variety artists (Charles Aznavour, Johnny Hallyday, Francis Cabrel, Maxime the Forester) and many well respected composers such as Vladimir Cosma or Jean-Claude Vanier.  He also rubs shoulders with the big names of the French jazz
and blues scene (JJ Milteau,Bill Deraime, Jean-Marie Ecay etc…)

Extract of CD: VARSOVIE

” Pour Alice “


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